We are pleased to offer the following services.  If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Historical / Genealogical Research  US $90 per hour

  • It is necessary that agreement is reached on specifically defined research goals (verification of previous research, avoid duplication of previous research) and amount commissioned by client must be confirmed in writing by client and researcher.
  • Payment via bank to bank transfer must be received before research is started.
  • Ideally, a minimum of five hours research time generally enables obtaining beginning results, an evaluation of appropriate record sources and a precisely accurate report of first research findings.
  • Travel costs will not be charged within Canton Bern. Charges for other travel will only be made upon obtaining client’s approval in advance.
  • Digital research reports are produced in PDF format and sent online.

Consultation  US $75 per hour

  • Specific consultation concerning genealogy and/or family history.
  • No charge will be made for an hour’s discussion or the exchange of three e-mails, basically sufficient to clarify initial client and researcher questions necessary to begin new research.

Document Transcription / Translation  US $80 per hour

  • Transcription of old documents
  • Translation of documents, texts, etc.
    • (German or Swiss-German/Swiss-French to English)

Swiss Family Heritage Site Tours

  • Individual (1-3 persons), plus US $20 for each additional person
    • US $200 forenoon (3 hours)
    • US $250 afternoon (4 hours)
    • US $425  (1 day)
  • Group (12 or more persons)
    • US $1,100 per day