Swiss-Roots is your online destination for family history and genealogical research in canton Bern, Switzerland (and the old Republic of Bern).  Professional and hobbyist genealogists alike have utilized our services to eliminate road blocks in their quest for knowledge.

If you have ever tried your hand at genealogy you probably have experienced the joy of finding a new document or connection to an ancestor.  Most likely, you have also endured the frustration that comes from being close to making a link, but without ever finding the source document you need to connect the dots.

Every family history search is unique, and it will take time to find the original source documents you are looking for.  We are confident in our track record of success in helping American families of Bernese Swiss origin further their family history research.

Swiss-Roots is the only family history research provider that couples genealogical expertise with local Swiss knowledge.  Why not visit Switzerland, and visit the churches your ancestors were christened in, or the ancestral homes of your departed relatives?   Swiss-Roots can provide personalized tours that make these important family history locations a more meaningful part of your genealogical research.